Street Level Youth Care is the 2019 beneficiary of the QBank FNQ Emergency Services Association Charity Ball.

Street Level Youth Care is made up of volunteers. Street Level Youth Care (SLYC) is an outreach in Cairns that caters to homeless and disadvantaged young people 21years and under. The problem of homelessness is a community issue. Rather than relying on Government grants, which come with much red tape, restrictions and requirements, SLYC has benefited from the support it has received from local Churches, as well as those in the Cairns communities’ commercial and private sectors.  These benefactors have generously provided the resources required to meet the needs of young people who find themselves homeless and disadvantaged.

SLYC does not receive any funding from government and relies solely on the generosity of the Cairns community to provide it’s needs and whilst it has not been working at full capacity of late it is hoped that 2019 will be a year that will see the work of SLYC rebuild and continue and that many of the young people in Cairns that find themselves homeless and disadvantaged will know that they can get a meal and most importantly that they know that there are people that do care for them. Any money that is raised will go to the upgrading of the SLYC vehicles and their serveries, purchasing of new equipment such as portable camping fridges, tables and chairs, esky’s and drink containers, food containers and drinking cups, shelving for storage rooms, the purchase of a new BBQ and uniforms for volunteers.